10 April 2017

Men’s Development Team

Our new mens development team (previously our under 19s team) comprises of u17s, u19s and senior men. This new team provides an important stepping stone in the development of our youngsters, preparing them for mens basketball, while providing a starting point for adults who want to get involved with the game of basketball.

Our mens development team currently compete in the West Midlands Basketball/Youth Basketball Development League. Last season as under 19s we finished the season as YBL league runners up and made it to the playoff semi-finals. This team are still chasing their first elusive WM/YBL championship.


Practice / Training Sessions:

Tuesdays 17:00 – 19:00 under 19s

Fridays 18:30 – 20:00 under 19s, 20:00 – 21:30 men



Men WM-YBL Dev League 2017-2018
Date Day Time Home   Away
17/11/17 Fri 19:30 West Brom v Walsall Warriors
04/12/17 Mon 20:15 Walsall 99ers v West Brom
05/01/18 Fri 19:30 West Brom v Walsall 99ers Academy
10/01/18 Wed 19:45 Bournville Bears v West Brom
19/01/18 Fri 18:00 West Brom v Frankley Falcons
22/01/18 Mon 20:15 Walsall 99ers Academy v West Brom
04/02/18 Sun 14:15 Frankley Falcons v West Brom
11/02/18 Sun 11:15 Walsall Warriors v West Brom
02/03/18 Fri 19:30 West Brom v Walsall 99ers
23/03/18 Fri 20:00 West Brom v Bournville Bears
15/04/18 W/C   4th Place v 1st Place
15/04/18 W/C   3rd Place v 2nd Place
22/04/18 W/C   1st Place v 4th Place
22/04/18 W/C   2nd Place v 3rd Place
19/05/18 Sun 16:00 Finals v Finals

For the latest fixtures and result from the Youth Basketball League see the link below:



Team Records:

2016 YBL Under 19s Runners up

2017 YBL Under 19s North League Runners up, Playoff Semi Finalists

2018 YBL Development League Playoff Semi Finalists.