Senior Men Mid Season Review

Coach Rudge, Premier Head Coach (5W 1L)

“The West Brom Prem Team has had a difficult but enjoyable first half of the season. Difficult because the team has had to try and cope with numerous injuries to key players but also enjoyable in the way other players have stepped up to try and fill the gaps that the injuries had created.

Overall the team has a 5/1 record which is tied for best in the league as far as defeats are concerned.

Just two teams have only one lost game two have two lost games and the rest have more so the league is still a genuine possibility to aim for in the second half of the season.

If we can get some of the injured players back playing in the New Year it will definitely help but we have a big squad of very good players and one thing we can guarantee no one is going to beat us without a fight.

The team spirit is our biggest asset and the way the players have performed in the home games this year has been spectacular with exciting fast basketball underpinned by resolute defence.

Overall 2023 has been an excellent year for the Prem team finishing last season as Champions and still well in the race to repeat the feat this season.”

Coach Preware, Division 1 Head Coach (8W 1L)

“A shorter and less intense pre-season this year might have been the herald of not so good things to come but I was pleasantly surprised with the intensity with which most of the returning players came to training camp and that translated to a very positive start to the season. We have welcomed some new faces, which have helped bolster our roster (Alfredo and Brian), and some old friends, who have chosen to ‘dive’ back into basketball waters (Adrian). We also heartily welcome the immeasurable contributions of some of our younger players, (Jules and Ridas) without whom we simply would not be as successful! 

With the exception of 2 games, one where scheduling clashes meant that not all the team was available, and another where we were just terrible, results have reflected the hard work shown by all members of the team. Our mixture of younger and more experienced players has helped to cement our foundation and should, hopefully, help us build on our 8-1 record (technically a game behind Team SLAM).

Roll-on 2024!”

Player/Coach Machin Division 2 (5W 3L)

“The division 2 side is 5-3 at the mid point of the season. We have had a slow start to the year but the team has really started the come together the last few games with some big wins on low numbers with everyone staying locked in. We go into 2024 hoping to build on our momentum and challenge for the league and playoff title.”