Summer Basketball Camp 2018

This Summer we have been working in partnership with George Salter Academy to deliver a summer basketball camp. The aim of the camp is to provide young people across Sandwell with a safe, affordable and fun experience during the summer holidays. Using basketball as a vehicle we aim to develop both on and off the court skills of our participants as well as providing opportunities for young leaders to role model while developing their own skills. Take a quick look at some of what has been going on at our summer camp this year at George Salter Academy.


‘Im really enjoying the camp. My skills are improving and the coaches have been really helpful and supportive, its has been really good and I have had lots of fun.’ Deago, age 10, camp participant.


‘Camp has strengthened my confidence, leadership skills and my ability to adapt to certain situations. My role is to help and encourage children to improve their skills within the sport of basketball.’ Rowan, age 19, camp volunteer.


‘The skills I have learnt are organisation skills and how to plan a session in detail I have also learnt the importance of progression. My role is to plan the sessions to develop and challenge the players.’ Shaun, age 17, camp volunteer.


Check out this video of some of the work our young leaders have been doing on our camp.


‘This years camp has been a great success so far, we are engaging with 30 plus young people from in and around Sandwell each day of camp. Its great to see their basketball skills develop but what is even more rewarding is seeing young people take the lead and grow in confidence and build friendships while working towards a common goal. As a club we pride ourselves on developing good basketball players but more importantly good people, the young leaders in this camp have really promoted the club ethos each and every day of camp.’ Club director, Liam Sheridan.


Our camp will be back at George Salter Academy on Tuesday 21st, Wednesday 22nd, Thursday 23rd August. To enquire or to book a place for your child on our camp email or check out our teams pages to find the session thats right for you or your child.



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