Sam Rudge “It’s The Simple Things”

Sam Rudge believes it’s the ‘simple things’ which could prove the difference as West Brom Basketball Club look to challenge for the top spots this season.

West Brom managed to finish in a respectable fourth place last campaign, in a year which began with plenty of changes to the men’s senior team roster.

This time, Rudge, who was awarded co-MVP honours at the end of last season, believes that the culture at West Brom could play a big role in their success on the court.

“After the first couple games last season we’ve done really well.” Rudge said.

“It’s the simple things, isn’t it? To get back on defence, knowing your roles, putting everything out on the court, working for your teammates. That’s the main basics of every game – whatever level you play.

“You turn up to some games and there’s not a coach or they’re not well-drilled. They might have some great players but what we have is a good collective team rather than individual players which normally prevails.”

Rudge headed back to basketball at the beginning of last season with West Brom, having taken an extended break from the sport.

Having played alongside fellow teammates Cash Evans, Arjun Chauhan and Luke Hatfield during his years at college, the point guard said that having some memorable faces in the team, along with his father coaching, was a driving force behind his decision to play.

“That was the main reason I came back to the game, to play with friends and past players like Luke, Cash and Arjun, and also to be coached by my Dad again which is a good thing.” he said.

“He’s put in a good structure, a good ethos and work ethic. Thankfully a lot of the players have bought into it pretty quickly.

“I lost the love for basketball when I stopped and with that I lost the fitness. But now I’ve been able to come back, get the fitness in and start to get back toward where I was.

“I still don’t think I’m where I should be but hopefully this season I’ll be better.”

West Brom’s season gets started later on this month as they host new side Balts on September 29, before they take on Trojans two weeks later on the road.