Shammi on the Atmosphere at West Brom Basketball Club

West Brom Basketball Club rookie Shammi Virdi says that playing within the club has built his confidence ahead of the upcoming season.

Virdi linked up with the club during the last campaign, featuring in the men’s division two side.

He believes that the environment at the club is unlike any other he’s played in – and has hailed the atmosphere which he feels will help him improve on the court.

“It’s all about the environment everybody has as individuals.

“Compared to the team that I left to join West Brom it’s a big difference in how people treat each other and how that effects you on the court as well.

“It builds you confidence up, everybody’s playing as a team so being new here I’m glad I made the decision to come here because it’s helped me become more confident.

“Knowing everybody here, they become familiar faces and all sorts. We’ve got an amazing coach, we’ve got Liam, Ziggy, so many coaches here to not only just play but help each other as well.”

West Brom’s division two side get their season going on October 2 away at Northwood Valiants, but Virdi understands that winning isn’t the be all and end all for the club.

With the focus on developing the players and coaches, he feels that the organisation within the set-up is ideal.

“It’s just how organised it is, to be honest. Everybody knows what they’re doing, there’s a coach for every single age group in the club – not just with the men’s team.

“Being a coach myself and having my own sessions it’s understandable just how difficult it can be, so it’s a lot more structured here, and I’m glad.

“It’s made me realise that basketball is a lot more than just a game.”