Travis and Family on West Brom Basketball Club

During this time I’m sure we are all missing basketball. Travis who plays in our under 13s and under 15s teams along with his family have shared their thought on what West Brom Basketball Club means to them. We first came across Travis at one of our primary school programs. Since then Travis has committed to the club and really developed during his first two seasons with us.

When asked about what he enjoys most about the club Travis said:

“I enjoy going to the club and I’m really missing the practice and seeing my friends while on lock down.

I enjoy playing in the team and developing my game, always playing to win.

I play in the under 13’s and under 15’s which are both good fun.  Being at the club is like one huge family everyone helps each other to play theirtravis and family best.”

Travis’ parents are very supportive of the club and they added a parents perspective of what being involved with the club is like:

“We enjoy supporting Travis and the club, it’s a friendly club for both kids and parents and doing great things for the kids and community.  We can see Travis’s development in the past 12 months and he is always ready and nagging to be dropped off early.

The holiday sessions are also great and help with something different apart from gaming. It helps in so many aspects from healthy eating, discipline, working as a team and accepting feedback whether it’s good or bad.  It’s teaches life lessons.  We would recommend the club to anyone.”

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