Winning Weekend for West Brom

4 games 4 wins!

This weekend the club enjoyed a perfect weekend of results. Starting with the under 13s and under 15s on the road on Saturday at Shrewsbury Storm.

Coach Camerons under 13s Report:

Missing two of our key players, we started off slow as we finished the second quarter down by 14. The momentum quickly changed as I decided to full court press in the third quarter, this lead to us winning that quarter by 11. During the fourth quarter we proceeded to full court press as it was working and we were getting closer and closer to taking the lead. The momentum grew stronger in our favour as we had big plays from Mason Ellis hitting big shots from mid range and a great defensive effort as a team. The bench was making a lot of noise in support of their team, especially Joshua Nbanga who was shouting his lungs out.  Overall, we won the game by 3 points, final score 55-58. It was a really tough game but great experience for the team. We didn’t drop our heads even though we were down and we kept going and came back strong. For that I am very proud of my team. 

Coach Preware’s under 15s report:

After  a slow start by our standards, due mainly to coach asking the team to play a little differently and make at least 6 passes before attacking, we began to see the advantages of such play. Each quarter saw the reduction of passes necessary drop but not the standard.  Aayub provided the usual energy providing both rebounds and steals and Jordi paced the game well. Jules struggled in the first half having to adapt his game but understood and bought in more in the second half.  Everyone else contributed both defensively and offensively as we finished 88-20 winners.

These games were followed by our under 17s and our mens Prem team in action on Sunday.

Under 17s:

On Sunday the under 17s made the trip to Stourport to take on the Spartans. Shaun Poole gained valuable coaching experience as he stepped in as the head coach of the team. Shaun and the 17s did the club very proud with a solid team performance, coming away with a 71-57 victory.

Premier Men:

The final game of the weekend saw our men host Smithswood Sabres. With both teams coming into the game with an identical record neither team was willing to give an inch. In what was a scrappy, closely contested game our men were able to come away with a hard fought 68-65 victory. Check out highlights of the game here.


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