2019-2020 Season Review

Im sure we are all deeply missing basketball and devastated by the abrupt end to the season as a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic. We thought we would use this time to celebrate and reflect on this past season.

As a club we reach 300+ participants a week with our club sessions as well as our school satellite and outreach sessions. This year we we have also reached a milestone of 150 club members! All of the above is a testament to the amazing, hard work of all of the club coaches, staff, volunteers and not forgetting the players and their families/support. We would also like to take this time to thank our partners who offer our club a wide range of support and make what we do possible.

This season our club had nine teams competing in various leagues and our coaches have shared their thoughts on the season.

Under 11s Head Coach, Gemma Salmon “Firstly what a season it has been! It’s a shame the season had to be cut short. For those that are moving up to under 13s, it has been a pleasure to coach you. I have seen a lot of growth in you all and I know you will all add something to the game next season.

Secondly, I would like to thank the parents that have supported or contributed in any shape or form, from the tournaments to the encouragement in training.

Last and definitely not least, I have seen the under 11s session grow vastly. I want to thank all parents for entrusting not just myself but the other coaches, with their child’s development.

Im looking forward to the upcoming season and the new faces that may walk through the door.”

Under 13s Head Coach, Ezekiel ‘Ziggy’ Cameron “At the beginning of the season we started off slow with a losing record. However we turned things around, as the players started to form a bond with each other. This helped us build some momentum and created a great atmosphere. It’s unfortunate the season has been cancelled as I believe our team would have learnt a lot more and had a significant experience on their basketball journeys.”

Under 15s Head Coach, Dennis Preware “Our under 15s season, despite our record, has been a little up and down. Our motivation right from the first game was to get better as a team and by and large,  we have done that. We have welcomed new additions to the team and tried to maintain the principles we have been working on for over 2 years here at club – defensive intensity (staying in front of people) and running hard on offence. Our record does reflect the hard work the team put in every week and we were looking forward to new challenges. The team has been a pleasure to coach and are well deserved unofficial league winners!”

Under 17s Head Coach, Liam Sheridan “This season has been really up and down and it has shown in our results. We only lose on squad player moving up next season so I am really looking forward to building on the foundation we have created this season. Despite being a young team we managed to secure a playoff spot and third place in the league before the season ending prematurely. As well as the players development I am looking forward to being a part of Demarnay’s coaching journey as he moves from an assistant into a head coaching role.”

Under 23s/Mens Development Head Coach, Liam Sheridan “It has been a great experience working with these two new teams in our club. Both teams have formed incredible chemistry and have committed to each other which has made these teams a pleasure to coach. For a lot of the players in both teams this was their first experience playing structured senior basketball, having moved up from last years under 17s team or returning to basketball. Replicating the playing style of our Prem and Division 2 teams we were able to win some games on the back of our youth, energy and commitment making up for what we lack in experience. In our first year both teams had secured playoff spots and we look forward to building on this. As well as the players development I am looking forward to being a part of Tomas’ coaching journey as he moves from an assistant into a head coaching role.”

Premier and Division 2 Head Coach, Tim Rudge “The build up to the season was extraordinary as we all practiced/trained every Sunday without fail throughout the whole summer.

The effort we all put into improving both our fitness and our skills, especially the collective skills, was amazing.

What has transpired over the season, following the summer training, has been really exciting to watch.

Sure we all understand and can play team defence and that has certainly helped the B team win Division 2, which is a major achievement for the Club, but the spin off from this Club wide understanding of pressure defence has been the biggest payoff for all that hard work.

Our collective Basketball IQ has risen out of all recognition from early games played in the previous season.

Our collective understanding of what tactics are needed for a particular team and players on that team has been exceptional.

We have now got players who have accepted very restricted roles for the betterment of their team. These roles are not easy to play but because of these individuals have been prepared to put the team first they have become integral components of the team. In some cases elevating themselves from occasional players off the bench to dependable starting five players.

This has happened because these players have foregone their natural desire to be all round players to simply deliver what is needed for the team.

This is simply impossible without players who are prepared to put the team before their own game and be willing to work hard and improve their own understanding of the team concept.

As a Club we have done that this season and the improvement is sensational.

This season has been our biggest and best so far. We are making basketball accessible to hundreds of people on a regular basis. We would like to make a special mention to our under 15s on their undefeated season and our Division 2 team on winning their league. Despite these successes the primary focus of our club is to engage, inspire and bring people together using basketball as a vehicle for social change. Again, we would like to thank all of our members and supporters for all of their hard work this season, stay safe, stay in touch and we look forward to seeing you all on the court in the near future.