Arjun Chauhan on the Importance of Roles

West Brom Basketball Club guard Arjun Chauhan believes everyone at the club has a role to play as they prepare for a sustained assault on the top spots in the league next season.

Tim Rudge’s side are in the midst of their pre-season schedule as they focus on improving on their fourth-placed finish over 2018/19.

Joining last summer, Chauhan believes that the good atmosphere within the squad stems from each player knowing their role throughout the club.

“Everyone has their role and everyone understands their role and that’s key.” he said.

“That’s what makes us work as a team, I think.

“If you have people that get upset about having a role then it doesn’t work and we don’t work as a team. But this philosophy that we’ve adapted to it works well.

“With our first season playing together, we’re still gelling but over this past pre-season I think we’ve come together really well and we’ve done that through our pre-season tournament as well.”

Becoming the club’s impromptu fitness guru, Chauhan now leads warm-up stretches for the men’s team during training and ahead of games, as well as offering advice to players about avoiding injury, on top of his playing duties.

He credits men’s senior coach Tim Rudge for bringing in a philosophy which allows for a positive vibe around the team
“Coach’s philosophy has come through the ranks, through the seniors, through the Division two side – everyone has pulled their weight.

“The vibe for us has to be positive, and I think that anyone that comes into that needs to have the same mentality as well.

“Otherwise we won’t gel as well as we have. It makes it difficult for that person to feel a part of the team if they don’t take that on.