Dale Deakin Talking Pre-Season

West Brom Basketball Club guard Dale Deakin is enjoying the intensity of pre-season training as the side prepare for their Premier Division opener later on this month.

The Black Country side get their season going at the end of September, and are now in the final weeks of their preparations for the campaign.

Having linked up with the side at the start of last season, Deakin is hoping that the intense sessions will put West Brom in good shape to hit the ground running in the league.

“Yeah, they’re really good sessions, really intense.” Deakin said.

“I think that’s what a lot of us need, because we had a bit of time off after our regular season and we had our summer league games, but it’s just what we need the intensity to get ready for this season.

“We’ve all integrated in coach’s plan and it’s working well.”

West Brom have been hard at work over the summer, claiming summer league success, whilst also working on a new pressing defence ahead of the regular season.

Having featured on numerous occasions in the top division over the year, Deakin is hoping that he can build on his experience last campaign to provide more of an impact this time around.

“I’m really enjoying it. I think as a team we’ve taken to it quite well [the new defence], both first team and second teams.

“Obviously I’ve been with the team a while now, so working with new players has been really good.

“I think we’ve got a good team chemistry now and that puts us in good shape for next season.

“I’ve worked on what coach has said, now it’s my second season I have that one behind me – and I think I can come in and provide more than I did last time around.”