Junior Mid Season Review

Coach Preware’s Under 18s (5W 4L)

“A decision was made by all the stakeholders last season to seek a greater challenge and opportunity
for basketball growth so the U17s YBL team transitioned to U18s men and entered the National League.
We are all aware of the expected changes in competition but I feel like we were still caught a little
off guard! The season began a little haphazardly as we played our first six games without a full Team.
This was due mainly to licensing and availability issues. Regardless of this the team was a little
overwhelmed by the difference in intensity but also forgot that technically, they are able to compete
with any team. Amongst our defeats were a team who physically were our betters, a team who,
both technically and athletically will be hard for anyone to beat and a game that I believe was the
turning point of our season. We did not respond positively to the challenge before us and were
forced to take a good, hard look at ourselves in the mirror… and we were lacking. We addressed it
as a team and said, never again, and won the remaining 2 games before the Christmas break. Both
were close games and pride is taken in the manner with which the games were closed; team
positivity, cohesion and support.
A special mention needs to be made for our additions to the already established team as they have
given un perspective, enthusiasm and added depth, which has been invaluable in the last few games
we have played. All these elements put together will be the foundation of our push to improve in the
second half of the season!”

Coach Kalebe’s Under 16s (4W 4L):

“The first half of the season has been a great learning curve for the team which has seen them tested mentally. It has been a challenge, but the team has managed to overcome many obstacles together and individually. The first half of the season has seen the team win 4 games and lose 4. We have finished the year with 2 wins and we will carry this momentum into the new year. The team will work on improving consistency in game performance to enable us to move up the league table. The players are getting stronger as the season has progressed and I am sure they are up to the challenge.”

Coach Cameron’s Under 14s (10W 2L):

“We had a slow start to the season losing to Tamworth but since then we have picked up the pace and improved, leading us to beating Tamworth in the return fixture! Each player is starting to understand their role and what they bring to the team and as a result we have grown as a team. The players have made huge improvements in such a short time and have started showing their true character. I am very proud and lucky to coach such a talented group of individuals.”

Bring on 2024!