Kwame Bataille on his future, Coach Rudge and West Brom’s chances next season

West Brom Basketball Club forward Kwame Bataille admits he’s unsure whether he’ll remain at the club this season, as he considers stepping up to a higher level.

Bataille linked up with the Black Country side at the beginning of last season and became one of the key players in the senior men’s team.

West Brom currently feature in the highest division of local basketball in the West Midlands, with the prospect of National League basketball requiring a sizeable shake-up behind the scenes should it be a direction that the club wish to go.

That level would still be four tiers below the highest level of the sport in the UK, the BBL.

Helping guide West Brom to a fourth-placed finish last season, Bataille feels that advancing up the pyramid is a possibility, although it could mean he won’t be suiting up in the Black Country this season.

“It was a great season, it was fun. I enjoyed it.” he said.

“I’m not too sure yet [whether I’ll stay], it depends.

“I want to be a pro, so I have no idea where I’ll be in the next couple of months because of coach Tim getting me some try-outs and stuff.

“If I was to still be here, I heard there are some great players coming, so I feel like we’d have a great chance of being at the top of the league.

West Brom will not stand in Bataille’s way should he decide to move on, with men’s coach Tim Rudge even working behind the scenes to secure professional level try-outs for the young forward.

But whilst he clearly has his eye on bigger things, Bataille believes that should he remain at the club that they’ll be more than capable of fighting for the title, whilst he’ll focus on further developing himself on the court.

“I honestly think we can go all the way and be at the top.”

“Mentally and on the court as well, Tim has really helped me.

“I’d say he’s funny, he can be really funny but when it’s time to be serious he’ll be serious.

“I’m working on my dribbling so I can play more often on the wing. I did play there last season, but I want to play there more next year.”



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